>>> Dodge Van B200 Camper <<<

I bought myself a Dodge Van B200 from 1980. And now I'm converting it into a caravan - flamingo style. Let's see if it works? Get the latest on Instagram like this or this or even that or maybe that or rather this or finally thatAnd yes, I admit it's a midlife crisis project. But it's also an old dream and a lot fun. A. Lot. 

Holy cow!

A breathtaking moment in the wilderness caught on tape: Me, my Dodge and a cow.


Will the Dodge stay dry inside?

Nope. It fu***ng dind't.

The Bed (160x180)

Bed requirements: solid, light, comfortable, maximum storage space underneath, maximum use of space. And? Fits!

One on the road

or two, or three, or ...

Roadtrip Ticino

A weekend off with the Family. Fantastic!

Safety Rules!

The Table

A kingdom for a side table to fold down! Or up.

Impressions of the day

Well... humm... I think the title says it all.

The skateboard -seat / +table

It was supposed to be a seat with a view of whatever was beautiful. But I weigh more than 73 kg. And with that I am about 33 kg too heavy. So it is now a folding table and a child seat. Also useful. -> Here‘ the Insta clip (still work in progress).